George Washington: Freemason and Founding Father Exhibition, The National Heritage Museum, 2005

I joined Freemasonry in 1998 in Malta Lodge No. 318 in Burlington Iowa. A year later I became the curator at the Museum of Our National Heritage in Lexington, Massachusetts (now known as the Scottish Rite Museum and Library Home – Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library (


My first careful study of Washington the Freemason came in 2005, when I curated a small display of ten items. Titled George Washington: Freemason and Founding Father it contained such important items as the Bible used by Washington at his presidential inauguration, his 1790 letter to King David’s Lodge, Newport Rhode Island, and the gold urn, made by Paul Revere, holding a lock of Washington’s hair. While educational and enjoyable, the display contained no new information or understanding of Washington’s Masonic membership. However, it did teach me of the many conflicting stories and difficulty of confirming the exact location of the documents and artifacts related to Washington.


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