George Washington, Freemason President, Hattie Burdett, 1932, Property of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial

One of the first things a man learns when he joins Freemasonry is that George Washington was also a member. Often a depiction of Washington as Freemason is the most prominent image in Masonic building. Washington’s membership in the Craft (as Freemasonry is also called) has been celebrated since at least 1778. Many Masonic books, scores of images, and almost countless articles affirm and celebrate Washington’s membership. The George Washington Masonic National Memorial, dedicated in 1932, is the greatest expression of Masonic reverence for him. Yet, since William M. Brown’s 1952 book George Washington, Freemason no one has examined the evidence, conducted any new research, or applied new historical methods. This blog will tell my decade-long research into Washington’s membership in, and relationship to, Freemasonry.

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